Carol Wilson Teacups Embossed Note Card Set

Today we are looking at the Carol Wilson Teacups Embossed Note Card Set letter writing stationery.

National Letter Writing Month is around the corner and in preparation, I have been ordering stationery for the upcoming entire-month-of-April-event.  2017 will find me participating in the Write_on Challenge to write 30 letters in 30 days. 

Carol Wilson Teacups Embossed Note Card Set

My order of this set arrived over the weekend and while the size is a bit smaller than I thought it still has room for a fun note.  The Box Size is: 5 3/4″ W x 4 1/2″ H x 4 1/2″ D.

There are 10 blank cards with 10 matching envelopes.

 Here’s to having fun trying out new stationery. Happy letter writing! 
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Image above Carol Wilson Teacups 10 ct Embossed Note Card Set For Arts Sake

National Letter Writing Month 2016, April 01, 2016 by Helen Rittersporn



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