Lettermate envelope addressing guide

The Lettermate envelope addressing guide is our blog focus today.   Have you seen one of these yet?  It is an envelope addressing guide template that helps make sure the address is hand written/printed onto the envelope in a straight line.

For my scrapbooking friends – I know you will nod a smile at looking at a template that reminds me of Creative Memories type from 1995 circa – while not for an envelope per se, they are of different shapes, and included borders, circles, and ovals.

Lettermate envelope addressing guide

The Lettermate envelope addressing guideThey are made to fit a wide range of envelopes.  There is The Original Lettermate, and with a second size available – the 2nd Edition Lettermate.   They are durable, and made of a “translucent plastic for accurate placement on your envelope.”

At The Lettermate website they offer their PDF Handbook.

There are six Lettermate How-To short videos available on their site.  I’m including this first one.  To see all of them: Lettermate 01-06.

Be on the lookout to see if you can notice any letters addressed to you in the future that may have had some help in being addressed.  Perhaps you’ll be inspired to try one!

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The Lettermate envelope addressing guide Attribution & Thank you to those referenced today

Image above upper left Lettermate Writing Guide as seen on presentandcorrect.com

Image above Lettermate – 2nd Edition Lettermate

PDF Handbook The Lettermate

YouTube The Lettermate / 01 posted by The Lettermate, Published on Nov 27, 2014, An envelope addressing guide for those of us that have trouble writing in a straight line.



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