Conklin Mark Twain Crescent Filler Fountain Pen Sterling Silver

Today the Limited Edition Conklin Mark Twain Crescent Filler Fountain Pen in Sterling Silver is our focus. Our letter writing interests finds us whimsically looking at these handmade in Italy fountain pens.

I’m making sure to point out the whimsy part given the limited time frame sale was showing 50% off the fountain pen is still at $495.

The handwriting in the Fountain Pen Hospital tweet is beautifully written.

“So tempted to write “Never the Twain shall meet” this very vintage-like Sterling Silver Conklin Crescent Filler….”

Tweet from yesterday with 24-hour sale offering at The Fountain Pen Hospital.

This is a link to Conklin website with the full details on the pen. The list price is $995.00.

“The Conklin Pen Company traces its roots to 1891 in Toledo Ohio when Roy Conklin was granted his first fountain pen patent. In 1901 Conklin patented the Crescent Filler in what would soon become the most technologically advanced and best selling pen on the market.

With Mark Twain as it [sic] spokesman, Conklin continued to thrive and became one of the most innovative manufacturers of fine writing instruments. …”

This pen I can envision sitting on the Wooton Victorian Antique Desk we were looking at yesterday.

In conclusion, do not fear the tempting if you continue reading as the 24-hour time window offering expired earlier today.  I’m still a big fan of buying a package of ballpoint pens at the dollar store to keep around for everyday use!

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P.S. Remember the Twain Quote Notebook Long Letter Journal I was blogging about a few weeks ago? Having it appear my mailbox a few days ago greeting me was a welcome arrival.

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AnchoredScraps daily blog post: Twain Quote Notebook Long Letter Journal, September 21, 2017; Looking at Wooton Victorian Antique Desk, October 10, 2017, by Helen Rittersporn.



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