Typewriter Key Hello Blank Note Cards

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Typewriter Key Hello Blank Note Cards
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We are looking at the perfect Typewriter Key Hello Blank Note Cards to add to our letter writing stash of stationery.  It is original design and photography offering at the Etsy TheQueenofCrowns Shop.  It is great that are multi-purpose uses, i.e. as a postcard!

Before we get started, other Typewriter themed note cards I have been posting here: Best Card Company Thank You Notes from 2016, and Uppercase Magazine Typewriter Notes Stationery from 2017.

Hello Blank Note Cards – Typewriter Key

Hello Blank Note Cards – Typewriter Key – set of 10. You can click on image to link to Etsy TheQueenofCrowns Shop. Images©Melinda Downing. All rights reserved.

The listing price for set the of 10 note cards is for $10.00.

“I designed and photographed these cards using a beautifully aged, vintage typewriter from the late 1800’s. On the back of the card is a small illustration of a similar model when it was brand new and selling for $100. 

* 4.25 x 6, flat note cards with rounded corners
* Kraft envelopes included
* Can also be used as a postcard
* Press printed on recycled paper by professional printer
* 10 cards included”

I’m going to have to see if she can have more on back order!

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P.S. If you’ve picked up on the pattern of vintage letter writing themed topics this week, with the Wooton Victorian Antique Desk on Tuesday, and the Conklin Mark Twain Crescent Sterling Silver fountain pen – you are right!

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Images©Melinda Downing, both from Etsy TheQueenofCrowns Shop  Hello Blank Note Cards – Typewriter Key

AnchoredScraps daily blog post: Best Card Company Thank You Notes July 08, 2016; Uppercase Magazine Typewriter Notes Stationery, August 08, 2017;  by Helen Rittersporn.