Addressing Ahead Into the New Year 2019

With seeing us wrapping up 2018 within the next few days, we are Addressing Ahead Into the New Year 2019.

It is the last weekend of the month, quarter, and year for 2018, and I’m thinking Wow!

The expressions we know by heart, i.e. ‘where did the time go”? Furthermore, it may be: “another year”. This has me thinking it is time for Addressing Ahead Into the New Year.

Here are a few suggestions to consider for letter writing goal setting for next year:

  1. If you know anyone with January birthdays, this weekend is a great time to look over the list and get into the mail on Monday. The Post Office is open all day even with it being New Year’s Eve day.
  2. You know that one person that each year you think to yourself, next year I’m going to do a better job at getting their birthday card to them in advance? Now is a great time to address it and get it all ready and put into a folder or box to go check at the beginning of each month.

One way I keep track is to pre-address the Birthday card. In the upper right corner where the stamp goes, instead -> write the month and day. THEN when it is time to mail add the stamp covering the date!  

In addition, I’m including this link from last January 10th on 2018 Letter Writing Goals & Organization if you are wanting to really look ahead!

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