2018 Letter Writing Goals & Organization

With today being daily blog post #1050 it is perfect for doing some 2018 Letter Writing Goals & Organization.

Write now (ahem, make that right now), most of our calendars for the year are still crisp and welcoming the year ahead.

My suggestion is to think of the people you just exchanged Christmas Cards with this year and plan out writing each of them at least once this year. Pick an upcoming occasion for it – Valentine’s, Easter, 4th of July, we can space it out through the year.  Decide whose birthday’s you want to be sure to not miss and go ahead and gather the birthday cards now. The same with any special occasion milestones this year.  I’m still using and love the multi-individual small tubs I was sharing in my post last August on Sunday Letter Writing Organization.

February will bring with it #InCoWriMo – which the idea is to write one letter each day in February. Last year I enthusiastically went overboard writing 125 letters in February – Think PenPals! My letter writing goals for #InCoWriMo this year is to write one letter each day.

The month of April has the National Letter Writing month challenge. The First Friday of November each year is Fountain Pen Day.

There are opportunities to write an encouraging word to the troops with different events this year, and I’m thinking of  Homefront Hugs USA Valentines for example. Their deadline this year is receiving no later than February 1, 2018, for any Valentine’s in order to have them arrive on time. Also to note, they will gladly receive letters anytime during the year with their ongoing mission.

In conclusion, I love getting to find every day uses of Project Management helping to make sure time is made for putting pen to paper for letter writing.  With some planning ahead we can truly have some fun things to write home, friends, family about in our letters.

Here’s to claiming what exactly our 2018 Letter Writing Goals are for the year – and organizing ourselves accordingly.

Anchors Aweigh,  


2018 Letter Writing Goals Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today

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