Idea Chic Subscription Stationery Gift Options

I’m seeing a couple of Idea Chic Subscription Stationery Gift Options; Idea Chíc Parcel Post Subscription which can be given seasonally (one or many) and Idea Chic Card Club.

Before beginning two things. One, the US post offices are closed tomorrow. Two, it was a surprise learning today Gutenberg is releasing in 2 days! I’ll have more on both below.

With the Holidays fast approaching I’m sharing about the offerings I’m seeing over at Idea Chic.

Idea Chic Subscription Stationery Gift Options

For the Idea Chic Parcel Post Subscription it is available on a quarterly basis.  Back in April 2016, we were looking at it here at AnchoredScraps (link below at end of today’s post)

“*NEW WINTER Subscriptions are available by the 15th to accommodate Christmas gift giving.”

  • “Idea Chíc Parcel Post Subscription is perfect for fans of Idea Chíc stationery, greeting cards and gifts who love to receive unique mail. Each new seasonal theme starts on the 21st of the new season (March – spring, June – summer, September – fall and December – winter)…”
  • “The Idea Chíc Card Club is a monthly card club where members select any four cards at a significantly discounted rate + free shipping and bonuses at membership milestones. Easy to shop card catalog included.”

The Idea Chic Card Club is showing $10, which I’m taking to mean per monthly club issue.

The 2018 Idea Chic Card Catalog has some pretty designs in it.  Have fun exploring the many options!

Linn’s Stamp News article on US Post Offices closed tomorrow

Today, at Linn’s is this article: Post offices, USPS headquarters closing Wed. Dec. 5 for mourning” (Dec 4, 2018, 08:32 AM). It is “to observe Dec. 5 as a national day of mourning for President George H.W. Bush, who died Nov. 30 at age 94.”

Yoast Article on Gutenberg today: Should you update to WordPress 5.0?”

Here is the link to the Yoast article Should you update to WordPress 5.0?  The article begins with the below.

“WordPress 5.0 is coming out December 6th, or, as I’m writing this, the day after tomorrow. This came as a surprise to us, as this release date has only been communicated to the community today. Given this short notice, we thought it would be wise to give you advice on what you should do. Note that Yoast SEO has been ready for this release for a few weeks.”

It continues to be a time of rapid changes with technology! Yoast does a great job with sharing their WordPress insights.

In conclusion, Thank you for joining me today. I’m remembering any letter writing I do tonight, and/or tomorrow will not go out until Thursday! 

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Yoast article from 4 December 2018 by Joost de Valk

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