Sending Make Beliefs Comix Greeting Cards

Let’s greet the first week of December 2018 by sending Make Beliefs Comix Greeting Cards for free!

It is a delight to share Make Beliefs Comix now includes featuring more than 40 Greeting Cards spanning all seasons and occasions.

If Make Beliefs Comix sounds familiar, we have had several posts here at AnchoredScraps on the many ebooks by Bill Zimmerman which I’m including a few links at the end of my post. He generously shares his insights encouraging expressing our creativity.

Sending Make Beliefs Comix Greeting Cards

First, there is the ability to include the cards “within the comic strip stories you create”. Second, it can be “… sent as stand-alone messages of greetings to your friends, colleagues and family.”

From the website, instructions include:

“Go to the Create Comix page choose a greeting card and add your message in the same panel or add another panel to extend your message along with your greeting card.

… You can choose among the ones for special holidays, such as Halloween or Thanksgiving or Christmas, as well as those messages of good will which connect you to your loved ones. There are even two interactive cards on which you can write personal messages.”


As we wrap up I’m seeing it was just this past August I was sharing about the MAKE BELIEFS To Spark Your Writing eBook (8-15-2018).

In conclusion, my continued many thanks to Bill for sharing his art and making a difference! I’m hoping we each take a few minutes to explore and press SEND!

Anchors Aweigh,  


P.S. It took less than five minutes to create one of the Make Beliefs Comix Greeting Cards which I’ve sent to Bill thanking him!

Attribution & Thank you to the following who I am referencing today

Make Beliefs Comix website, images, excerpt

Previous AnchoredScraps posts include: “Lunchbox Letters”, “Laptop Letters”, & “Hummingbird Joy” – books by Bill Zimmerman 4-21-2015; Something to Write About Interactive ebook 12-05-2017. <– that post includes a big list of his work I’ve shared over the past few years here, be sure to check it out!



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