Round Tuit Tuesday Letters Writing You PDF

Welcome to Round Tuit Tuesday! This morning I’m including a PDF with a Letter Writing Prompt.

If you are familiar with some of the classic Zig Ziglar motivational talks, he shares about a round TUIT – for when a person finally gets around to it!

Day 2 of Two Week Challenge! I hope you are trying it out along with me too!

On Sunday I was sharing about my Two Week Challenge. Specifically to be posting by 6 AM daily and to have a brief letter writing topic (prompt) while encouraging the daily routine of starting the day off earlier.

Is it too early to tell if you are getting up earlier? Yesterday I was able to write nine letters, eight with the pdf I posted, written and off to the post office. I’m slowly making my way through my correspondence inbox of letters awaiting replies! 

Round TUIT Tuesday - Finally Getting Round TUIT Writing You Letter Writing Prompt PDF

The Letter Writing Prompt is Finally Getting Round TUIT Writing You! This is my second PDF design I have created this week and happily sharing it. The download link is below. 

Round Tuit Tuesday Letters

My idea is there has to be someone you have been MEANING to write during the past several months while the country is the midst of the covid-19. With providing three lines – it can be three brief sections and by formatting it the way I have, we can be brief but still getting a note off to the person.  

Thank you for joining me today! 

Anchors Aweigh,  


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AnchoredScraps Finally Writing Round Tuit Letters, May 30, 2017

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