Live Long and Prosper

This last week for the month of February began with Julie Andrews making a surprise appearance at the Oscars following Lady Gaga’s performance singing a “Sound of Music” medley celebrating the movie’s 50th anniversary.   The shared TV viewing experience was highlighted with a big hug Julie Andrews gave Lady Gaga cheering her fantastic performance.   When the camera panned the audience I was struck with how everyone was responding to this being their Maria from our childhoods all full of delight in seeing her on stage.   She said it was hard to believe it had been 50 years since the movie came out, remembered it all like it was yesterday, she had blinked, and now here she was!

Yesterday we were saddened to hear of the passing of Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy.  With his passing we are reminded of our collective memories of Star Trek.   The movie scene from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan came to mind.  This is the scene where we swell with tears because Spock’s solution has him asking James T Kirk, “What do you think of my solution?  And Spock tells Jim “I have been, and always shall be, your friend.” And as he places his hand on the chamber glass, “Live long, and prosper”.  With having seen the movie several times since on Netflix the scene is imprinted on our minds.   In confirming the year Star Trek II came out, 1982, it was touching to see how Leonard Nimoy spanned the generations – with him being on The Big Bang Theory – I will have to look for Nimoy who voice acts for a Spock action-figure.  I will have to check out episodes of him on “Mission Impossible” and an episode of “Columbo” A Stitch in Crime.

Leonard Nimoy was 83 years old, and his passing away comes on the heels of my own Dad passing away last month at the age of 85.   Just as Leonard Nimoy’s Mr. Spock was captured on the silver screen, I’m very thankful my Dad took the time ten years ago to audio record stories about his childhood onto cassette tapes which are planned for a future project.

As we see the passing of the previous generation may we all to quote Mr. Spock “live long and prosper.”






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