If it’s not in the scrapbook…

If it's NOT in the SCRAPBOOK

“If it’s not in the scrapbook, it didn’t happen.” – Anonymous

The photo on the right is of my magnet I’ve had for over ten years.  It is a sentiment I’ve seen at scrapbooking functions (aka crops).

Today I’d like us to take this quick quiz:

  1. In your recent family vacation photos is there an overwhelming ratio, for example, 5:1 ratio of everyone being in the picture to you being shown?
  2. At the last birthday party are you in at least one photo with the birthday person and the cake?
  3. Do you make it a habit to hand your camera over to someone else at the event (even if for 5 minutes) so you can be included?
  4. Were you even in the photos?

How did you do?  The reason for the quiz was to build the case for (drumroll)…..

Learn to use the self-timer on your camera!

If your camera has a self-timer on it try practicing before your next social event to take photos using this feature.   By using the self-timer function it will get you included in the picture with everyone.   My point and shoot Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS25 digital camera has both a two-second, and ten-second self-timer feature.   The ten-second setting seems to give me enough time to press click and get around out in front of the camera to be included AND to relax as-if-you’ve-been-standing-there-the-whole-time-too!    You will have FUN learning just how much time you have to rush out there before the camera clicks – and have everyone else smiling along with you!

Get creative with finding objects to use for a tripod if none around.   While you are practicing the self-timer on your camera begin looking around and try out tripod-wannabees.   You can stack boxes on top of each other.  Safety disclaimer here: be sure to use common sense and do not be silly putting yourself at risk!

Call to action:  decide now that this weekend you will try out the self-timer and create one tripod-wannabee exercise to use.   The total time for this should be 15 minutes – unless this exercise means you will have to locate your camera first!    If you are a Type A+ personality and looking for extra credit then give yourself a Gold Star if you PRINT off at least ONE of the photos you take this weekend from this exercise.  My term PRINT includes going on line and sending the photo to where you typically have them printed and then once the weather clears pick it up or have it mailed to you.

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