Dappled Morning Sun

Sometimes when we are walking by a room all of a sudden we see something that if we will just stop and pause we can capture the moment.     This photo I took this past Sunday morning when I was walking by and noticed the morning sun was streaming in through the plantation shutters onto the white pine bookcase.  Grabbing my camera I was able to click away capturing this photo and THEN it was gone.  The dappled sunlight that had been streaming onto the books had moved on – all in less than five minutes duration.

The Willow Tree angel is “Remembrance” for our memories.  It was given to me from a special friend of mine in honor of my Dad.  These angels bring up very special memories and are cherished.     Do you have a reading nook where the sun wants to come in?    The photo makes me want to pull one of those classic books off the book case shelf and for half of them it would mean re-reading them enjoying with the sun streaming across the pages.   It reminds me to have balance in my life that by pausing I can revisit this moment and elevate the memory.

In anticipation of next time, I’m going to pre-stage that same bookcase shelf with a box of stationery and a fountain pen so when the sun streams in I’ll be ready to capture it.   It will make for a great photo to include with a future blog post on writing a letter.  

The whole purpose of today’s blog is to say we need to PAUSE from time to time so we don’t miss these moments. Here’s to embracing each day, and especially that morning sun!  

Anchors Aweigh,  




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