Potpourri Update

Today I am using the word potpourri as in ‘a mixture of things’, and the photo is of the mixture of dried petals evoking potpourri.   There are several items I am going to be providing updates from previous posts.

Digital Embroidery class update (Sew much to Know, 03-02-2015) the class was held last weekend and it was great fun!   The price for the class was well worth it with the amount of classroom handouts and product (aka ‘loot’) given to each participant.  There were two discs given that look great!   As far as actual machine, from what I learned and got an insight on from talking with other attendees is that the size I have been considering of a 4″ X 4″ area embroidery sewing machine would be quickly outgrown.  To upgrade to the 5″ x 7″ size more than doubles the price tag.   Regarding investing in the software to digitize it is very expensive and I met other women who had opted to have it done for them by paying someone on an as needed basis and then later invested in the software.  What this means is for now I am still investigating.  There were some gorgeous items and it was pointed out the level of gifts you are able to then make and give helped offset the expense given what saved in gifts would have purchased.

Kite Flying update (from Enjoying Whimsy – 03-04-2015) – My kite arrived from Amazon – it is a box kite and came with its own travel case.   Will be trying it out this weekend.   At Costco this week I noticed in the checkout the person in the next aisle had what looked like a nice kite – they said it  was a ‘dragon’ kite’ – it looked to be a good size and it was reasonably priced.

Catching a Non-‘Mr. Spock’ role of Leonard Nimoy update (from Live Long and Prosper 02-28-2015) – watched on Netflix the episode of him on “Columbo” A Stitch in Crime.   Seeing him play a doctor convincingly I thought of what if they had cast him instead of ‘Bones McCoy’ on Star Trek?  The best part of the episode was the last few minutes when he thought he had bested Columbo!

Stamps.com Update (from March Right Up -03-01-2015) My digital scale and welcome kit arrived from stamps. com with the U.S. Postal Service.   I’ll be testing out printing my postage with it this weekend when writing some letters using my fountain pens.  Wanting to get them into the mail so they are greeting family and friends by the end of next week allowing time for the snail-mail delivery, which to me is part of the charm.

Next Steps: How are you doing on your own set of follow-ups so far this month?   The more we decide to do in front of the activity to take action the more we get control of our calendar.   Wishing you an enjoyable Friday going into the weekend!

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