March Madness Milestones

This week for my blog I’m using the theme of March Madness Milestones. The brackets were announced on the Ides of March yesterday with 68 teams announced for the NCAA tournament.  Just as these teams go through a narrowing down process, the ideas for my blog go through a narrowing down process as well.   Taking different scraps of ideas and seeing how they fit together into a theme for my blog is fun seeing which ideas have made it for inclusion this week, and which ones fit best for next week – that elimination of ideas done in the background prior to posting each day.

With a mighty leap…    Today with that elimination of ideas this one did make it for inclusion and it’s an expression my Dad would say: “With a mighty leap”…   It is an expression he would use when referring to how as a kid he would go to Saturday morning movies and they would leave him hanging for a week with how their hero would resolve being on a cliff, above roaring rapids, stuck at a ravine, some cliff hanger situation. He said only to return the following Saturday and all would be resolved within the first 30 seconds and usually with the narrator saying something like “With a mighty leap he jumped, he swam, he….” This would have been after the Silent Film Era as Dad was born in 1929.   The expression has always stuck with me though as in ‘how are we going to get out of this one’ and the inspiration that can come at the last minute one musters up to resolve and move on in a situation.

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This is photo of my note I wrote to ‘ blog reader’ today, 03/16/15, click on it to see in a larger window

“My Three Muses” – Thank you to who I am calling “My Three Muses” (three close friends I have known each for over 10 years) who over the weekend each reached out individually and inspired me with their perspectives on my blog each suggesting a theme, not knowing the others were too! So a theme it is!   (See photo to the right)

These March Madness Milestones this week will include St. Patrick’s, Habits, Types, and lots of Spring – each parallel items in March capturing our attention with enthusiasm, aka Madness.

Tune in tomorrow to discover who will be wearing green and it may not even require a mighty leap!   Stay tuned…..

Anchors Aweigh,  




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