Scrapbooking resources: Panstoria & pixels2Pages

In the Scrapbooking Section on my Notes page it includes Panstoria and pixels2Pages, resources I have found helpful.   Today I wanted to provide a brief overview on both.

Panstoria is the company that developed Creative Memories (CM) Storybook Creator and Memory Manager which I had owned for many years.  They offer digital scrapbooking software which is excellent.  The Panstoria Artisan lets you create your own beautiful layouts on your computer and import photos.  The Panstoria Historian is a fantastic master organizer for your photos, does image correction, and can be used to export into albums, etc.  Each photo can be opened and you can type in details and stories around each photo.

Panstoria offers 30 day free trials of both software packages, each  having their own limitations that are explained at that link.      The site is having a sale in the Panstoria store with 30% off content sale through Tuesday, March 10 (until midnight Eastern Time).

pixels2Pages – One cannot mention Panstoria without also mentioning pixels2Pages.   They are a Panstoria preferred trainer and offer digital training for Artisan and Historian along with an online community.   They offer a two week free trial.   The steps of how to create their signature photo globe page has a link to it from the Home page on the lower right side.   I’ve been to one of their p2P LIVE weekend events (two years ago) and it was excellent.

There is a wonderful interview from August 6, 2014 by Melissa Shanhun “pixels2Pages: Help for Creative Memories and Panstoria Scrappers” where she has guest blogger, Jan McCallum interviewed.  It was nice meeting Melissa via email in getting her permission to reference this article.  Thank you Melissa!  I have added a link to her site where she shows you how to create beautiful scrapbook pages using Photoshop Elements – this link has also been added to my Notes page in the Scrapbooking section.

It continues to be a small world – I attended Jan’s first Creative Memories class in December 1995 and was first a customer, then a CM Consultant, and now among CM alumni.  Over the years we have had our photo taken of the two of us recognizing how many years since that first class – hard to believe we are approaching 20 years!

Writing letters and scrapbooking go hand in hand for me, especially with the amount of journaling I have included with my scrapbooks over the years.  If you have not recently explored Panstoria and pixels2Pages I encourage you to do that this week!

Anchors Aweigh,  




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