“The Wells Fargo Wagon is … “

Today on AnchoredScraps.com we continue with our theme for this week – it is all about getting ourselves organized with our personal correspondence.

When you heard the title for today’s blog post did you finish the words to the song? …”Is a-comin’ down the street …  Oh, please let it be for me…”  

The song is from the musical “The Music Man”, written by Robert Meredith Willson who wrote the music and lyrics, and book by Willson and Franklin Lacey.  There was the 1962 film adaptation and 2003 made-for-television adaptation.   The song is such a timepiece set in the year 1912 in the fictional town of River City, Iowa.

The reason I have included it in today’s blog is to stop and pause at how our communication has changed in 100+ years since that time setting.    And how relieved you are going to be that our exercise today does not restrict you to the technology back then – unless you choose to do all this by paper and pen!

By now you should have collected your bits and scraps of envelopes that contained cards addressed to you, have your list of names and now we begin filling in the gaps.  Do you need to look up any zip codes?  Do you need to call someone to confirm their latest address or text them?   We want to fill in the list – for me it is First Name, Last Name, address including zip, phone number (if more than one list and indicate), email, and for extra credit any special dates – birthdays, anniversary, children’s name(s), pets name(s), and anything else.

The suggested minimum is:  FirstName, LastName, Street, City, State, Zip.

We are doing this so you can be the person who sends out a note, letter and/or card to those we care about and when  they receive in snail-mail they can pause and think   “But it could be somethin’ special just for me” !

Anchors Aweigh,  




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