Please Mr. Postman

Today on we continue with our theme for this week – it is all about getting ourselves organized with our personal correspondence.

It’s true – bring up the words, “Please Mr. Postman” and I think of the 1975 song with Karen Carpenter singing it along with her brother Richard. 

Then, I will think of the Beatles version – sung by John Lennon (1963), and totally miss that it was first recorded by the Marvelettes in 1961.   In looking up to watch Karen Carpenter sing it on YouTube, I had totally missed that the Carpenters had a music video of the song which was filmed of them in Disneyland, apparently released VHS in 1985 – at least it wasn’t on Beta! (For those of you asking what is Beta, VHS and Beta were competing formats for video tape).

Once again we have another song where someone is asking the postman about their mail! In yesterday’s blogpost it was Elvis giving a letter to the postman – “he put it in his sack”. Today we have Karen Carpenter asking Mister Postman to see if there’s a letter in “your bag for me”.

Today’s focus is defining our scope.   Do you have a starting list of who you WANT to regularly correspond?   How about a Christmas card list/Holiday mailing list to use as your starting point? I’m defining my scope of anyone who gets sent our Christmas card. In December they may not get a long wordy letter along with the card but ideally have heard from us at least once else during the year.   If you do not already have a list please task yourself today with creating one. You can always add to the list.

Tune in tomorrow as we continue getting ourselves organized with our personal correspondence and you don’t have to wait days that pass you by – “(Oh yeah)”.

Anchors Aweigh,  




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