Complement Thursday: ‘Little Boy’ movie

Today on Complement Thursday we are showcasing the upcoming release of the Movie Little Boy.

The movie (On Twitter @LittleBoyFilm) is having its theatrical release tomorrow, on Friday, April 24, 2015.

Watching the movie trailer to the upcoming release of the movie Little Boy brought to mind imagery of the ‘Americana’ of Norman Rockwell.         Photo today shown – Attribution: Norman Rockwell [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons “Painting the little House” 1921.

The Dove Foundation has awarded it five doves – their highest rating.    Here is the link to the Dove review.   “LITTLE BOY is the inspirational story of a 7-year old boy who is willing to do whatever it takes to end World War II so he can bring his father home. The story reveals the indescribable love a father has for his little boy and the love a son has for his father.”

The movie website:  includes a 30 Days of Inspiration which is a must-see!

On their Cast and Crew page they list Executive Producers: Roma Downey & Mark Burnett who also produced the TV hit series The Bible miniseries in 2013 and the movie hit The Son of God (2014).  Roma will always be the angel Monica to me from the TV series Touched by an Angel.  

The movie appears to be full of encouragement and inspiration! I’ll be making room on my weekend calendar to go see this movie and hope you will consider seeing it too.

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