Happy Easter 2015

On this Easter Sunday I am sharing some photos taken by me of Corcovado, The Christ Statue, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  They were taken on August 15, 2004 Sunday.

In August 2004 I was able to travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as part of a team for work and while there for a week was able to visit Corcovado at the beginning of the trip.  Not thinking I was going to do any site seeing I had not packed a camera.  So at a gift shop near the hotel I picked up a disposable 35 mm camera and we were off!    To digitize them today I have taken photos of the prints in my scrapbook so they can be seen here in digital format.

View from Corcovado AnchoredScraps
The view from Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. August 15, 2004 Sunday. Capturing the rainbow was worth having been drenched when arriving from the tram to the statue!

From my notes in my scrapbook:   The statue of Christ the Redeemer (120 f. high) stands guard over Rio from the top of Corcovado (hunchback) mountain (2,400 f. high) from where one can see all of Rio, a sweeping panorama of sea and mountain.  (Words are from the back of a postcard!)

Seeing Corcovado, the Christ Statue had been on my top ten list of life’s dreams. To be able to see it and take these photos was very spiritual to me.   What I missed most was not having my husband with me as I was in Rio on a business trip.


Easter Rugged Cross ALIVEGod proved His love on the Cross.  When Christ hung, and bled, and died, it was God saying to the world, ‘I love you.’ – Billy Graham


This photo on the left was sent to me this week from one of “My Three Muses” who took the photo at last year’s Easter at her Mom’s Church.  It was described that the Cross started out bare and as people arrived they put a flower on the Cross and this is how it appeared at the end!  Thank you for sharing!


Today whether your plans started out with going to a sunrise Easter service, you will be going to a Easter Brunch at a restaurant, enjoying Easter Dinner with family and friends, and/or enjoying our candy-filled Easter baskets – to name a few – I hope it’s an enjoyable day!  If your plans involve travel may they be safe.

And now since Thursday’s post on Maundy Thursday, beginning tomorrow I will resume my normal closing signature, but for today I’m closing today’s post with

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