Maundy Thursday

With today being Maundy Thursday it has found me reflective and thinking of how best to write today’s blog about it.

About the photo shown today: “Stained glass window depicting Jesus washing the feet of the apostle Peter at the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday, in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Amiens, France. Photo taken on: February 09th, 2013. ” It is by Jorisvo from Dreamstime from the series “Holy Week Stained Glass – Last Supper on Maundy Thursday”.

There are three things I wanted to share.

One) I am in awe of this Video Commentary for Maundy Thursday:

The timing was perfect today to receive from one of “My Three Muses” an email that they received for their Daily Three-Minute Retreat by LOYOLA Press & Jesuit Ministry (on Twitter @loyolapress).  The first thing I was drawn to was their Arts & Faith: Lenten video commentary series. Each week during Lent they have been having “a video commentary about a work of art inspired by the Sunday Scriptures. Use these videos to take a new look at this season of spiritual renewal through the lens of sacred art.”

Today’s video: “Holy Thursday — Tintoretto’s “Christ Washing the Disciples’ Feet” is a study of time and timelessness as we experience this event through art. Commentary is by Daniella Zsupan-Jerome, assistant professor of liturgy, catechesis, and evangelization at Loyola University New Orleans. ”   In the video the camera pans to different areas on the oil painting describing the event and is beautifully done.   Thank you to Loyola Press for doing such a beautiful job with making this available on the internet.

Two) Music treasures found …

In looking yesterday for music I came across a 2012 article “Maundy Thursday: The Last Supper and Gethsemane by Cathleen Falsani (twitter @GodGrrl) from April 05, 2012 on Sojourners web site.   The article includes “a playlist of songs inspired by or that speak in some way to the Holy Week journey that brings us to Maundy Thursday and the great mandate from which the day takes its name: “If I, the Master and Teacher, have washed your feet, you must now wash each other’s feet.”  My search results also found this music list posted as Maundy Thursday on Spotify.

This is the playlist by Cathleen Falsani  as referenced on Grooveshark,  which appears to be the player feed. (Search criteria: “maundy thursday 2012” resulted with multi-genre by cathleen falsani possley 19 Songs PlaySubscribeShare to Feed)

“1) Overcome –  Live – Awake: The Best of Live

2) Gethsemane  –  Rickie Lee Jones – The Sermon on Exposition Boulevard

3) By My Side – Godspell – Godspell: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

4) Fall at Your Feet – Mary Black – Speaking With the Angel

5) Gethsemane (I Only Wanted to Say) – Ted Neeley – Jesus Christ Superstar (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Album)

6) Love Comes Tumbling  – U2 – The Unforgettable Fire

7) Gethsemane – Loretta Lynn – God Bless America Again

8) Lesson 1 for Maundy Thursday – Oxford Camerata – Mystic Voices – Divine Music From the Heavens (Disc 2)

9) The Last Supper – Andrew Lloyd Webber – Jesus Christ Superstar (Original London Concept Recording)

10) Gethsemane – Richard Thompson – The Old Kit Bag

11) Stay (Far Away So Close) – U 2 – Zooropa

12) In Garden of Gethsemane – Johnny Cash – The Holy Land

13) Bad – U2 -The Unforgettable Fire

14) The Olive Garden – Ion Storm – The Passion Of The Christ

15) I Alone – Live – Awake (the Best of)

16) Last Supper – Howard Jones – Cross That Line

17) Stay With Me – Amos Lee – Mission Bell

18) Lie Awake – Alison Krauss & Union Station-  Paper Airplane

19) Jesus Arrested – John Debney – The Passion of the Christ”

Songs included “Loretta Lynn – Gethsemane”,  “In Garden of Gethsemane” by Johnny Cash, music from Andrew Lloyd Webber “Jesus Christ Superstar” and more (all listed above).    Thank you to Cathleen Falsani for her having posted this gem three years ago as reflected by it still being heavily referenced when I was doing search on the topic.

This got me to thinking of my cd collection of The Statler Brothers – it has several cherished hymns – which I will make reference to this weekend in another post.

Three) Reflections

Lastly, I know in years past sometimes have found me on Maundy Thursday having gone to a Pancake Dinner followed by Maundy Thursday service.   As the service progresses the lights are lowered and the service concludes in darkness with everyone leaving quietly.  It made a huge impact and for the next three days until Easter morning service one is most aware of a timer waiting for Easter morning to arrive!     On Monday earlier this week when I announced the theme for this week I mentioned that this year Easter has even more significance for me with having lost my Dad unexpectedly in January.  For my family and friends reading my post today along with my blog readers I have sincerely appreciated all of your prayers and support.  I am mindful of several friends who have lost very loved family members and have you in my prayers and I know we find great comfort in the promise of Easter.

Tomorrow’s post will be about Good Friday.   I’m closing today’s blog post without my normal closing signature and instead with

— lights out —

We are en-route to AnchoredScraps daily blog post #2000 on August 17, 2020!


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