Discovering TeaMap powered by adagio teas

Earlier this week in my blog post In praise of a cup of teaI concluded with encouraging us to make the time and one could do a search in your area to locate a Tea room for planning an outing with a friend.   As we head into the weekend I am delighted to share my discovery of TeaMap.  It is a Tea room directory and covers locations for the United States and the United Kingdom! 

On Tuesday I discovered TeaMap after posting my blog and rather than do an Addendum decided there was so much to include to cover in its own post!

To naviage TeaMap you will want to choose your State in the United States, further down it has choices for the United Kingdom.   Once you select (they also offer by Zip Code) then press the go button.  They also offer a iPhone/android app you can download from that same page.NavigatingTeaMap


Links worth navigating

The TeaMap site is powered by Adagio Teas (On Twitter @AdagioTeas).  Their twitter page says they have been on since September 2008 with 23.1K followers!    Here is a listing of key links that should be helpful for you to navigate:    tea map TeaRoom directory | tea class tea education (and included a screen shot of it below) | tea chat banter and wisdom – this looks to include a forum which I have joined this yet so cannot speak to it | tea chef outside the teacup | and tea muse monthly newsletter | and tea critic  good, bad, and insipid.

This image of the adagio teas banner, you can select on any of the icons and the information on the page will then be refreshed to reflect that subject, i.e. select teaware.  These links Adagio organic and fair trade teas and Adagio teas roots campaign I will have to spend some time further exploring!

All of the images shown today of TeaMap and associated images are with the permission of Adagio Teas, Thank you!






The TeaClass page is presented by adagio teas and said for ‘tea education’ and it looked to contain a wealth of information including recipes.









What is nice is here is a maintained site with a TeaMap locator that people are actively participating in and when you are traveling or just in your own backyard, it should serve to be a helpful tool.  The wealth of other topics covered at this site – is a gem to discover.   Perhaps you will have time to start your search now and book a Girls Tea this weekend and it makes for a great topic to write home about sharing with your friends and/or family!

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