In praise of a cup of tea

Today, for many of us we are returning to our daily routines from a three-day-Holiday-weekend.   There are the stresses of pouring the normal entire work week into four days this week instead of five days.   Our normal rituals and morning routines may be off a little today.

If you can manage it, take five minutes out and have a ‘cup of tea’, or if you are a coffee drinker, make it coffee.   It could be it is actually a diet-coke for you.   But take the time to sit with said cup and enjoy it.

While you are at it, if you can round up your daytimer, organizer, calendar take a few minutes to jot out the weeks must-do’s.    Now is not the time to berate yourself if all of your ‘good intentions’ from the long weekend did not occur.

This beautiful oil on canvas painiting by Mary Cassatt of “The Cup of Tea” (1880-81) is what I like to strive for some days, but the reality may be some days that cup of tea is in a disposable cup!  You can view details about the painting online with The Metropolitan Museum of Art.   Photo upper left shown today, The Cup of Tea, circa 1880-81  attribution: Mary Cassatt [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. 

For extra credit, this site plays beautiful music while you browse it “A Cup of Tea, A Victorian Tea Room and Boutique” – who knows while listening you may be inspired to squeeze in a few minutes and write that letter to your friend and catch up!   This tea room is located in Kailua, Hawaii and one can sign up for their monthly newsletter.

The local tea room in our area closed in the last six months, but you can do a search in your area and see if there is a tea room you could plan an outing to with a friend.

The idea for today has been to do a reset and jot down and collect yourself and now you are off and on your way again.   I’ll be at lunch time running to the post office to pick up the new Forever® Medal of Honor stamps.

Here’s to our cup of tea (coffee, or dietcoke, fill in the blank).

Anchors Aweigh,  






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