Letters from the kitchen

We are kicking off the second full week in May and this week we are looking at adding some spice to our letters, baked treats, or recipes about them to include in our letters we send!  

It was a delight yesterday to receive a recipe I had expressed interest in at our last family gathering for Easter and received it along with the special spices and ingredients for it all packaged up as a birthday gift!  It is truly a gift of time and love.   The recipe itself took a team effort of family members documenting the recipe they ‘knew by memory’.  Thank you again! (‘Proper thank-you note is in the mail!)

Receiving this fantastic gift has inspired me to have us do some organizing this week with our recipes.  My ultimate goal is for us to SHARE our favorite recipes with our family and friends in our letters!  (Photo below taken by Helen).

Let’s get started!  

You probably have a treasured recipe box somewhere in the kitchen.  Maybe the contents are treasured but the recipe box itself has seen better days – its all okay!  We will address them this week!

Recipe of a great gift from the heart! Recipe is tucked inside the gift bag. 

Do you have some old cookbooks tucked away ?  They may contain some old letters tucked into them with recipes from a family member!   Seeing this photo (upper left) of Betty Crocker’s Cook Book for Boys and Girls 1957 brought back memories of a similar cookbook, now long gone.   Photo Attribution: By General Mills (Internet Archive) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.  

For now start gathering up your old cookbooks.  And see if you can find that recipe box.  My recipe box still includes lined index cards that I had typed recipes onto while in College!    Over the years I have gotten key recipes written out and included in my scrapbook, and there are recipe scrapbooks, and recipe albums available.  My focus here is on us gathering up our favorite recipes and getting them put into one place, and we will be going through a prioritization process – you will love what I’m going to suggest we do with THEM but first let’s gather them all up.

So our mission for Monday and Tuesday is to find them – put them into one spot.   Tomorrow I will have some items to go over but your action item is good for today and Tuesday!  Tune in tomorrow as we continue with next steps!

Anchors Aweigh,  








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