Recipe letters

What perfect timing today to receive in the U.S. Mail a recipe card from Mom!

And we had NOT pre-planned her sending it for this blog post!     Today we continue our quest to organize our family recipes – especially any with letters that may have sent the recipe card that is tucked into the recipe book, or recipe box.

The recipe card written out on a recipe index car Mom sent me was for a rice recipe that had been served at the luncheon reception on the day of my Dad’s Memorial Service.  This was back in January with the ladies at her church providing a much appreciated meal hosted by volunteers with their casserole ministry!   The recipe for this one dish had been so delicious I had asked for it and she was able to get it and sent it to me written out in her own handwriting.  (Photo upper left taken by me of the recipe card received from Mom today in the mail.)

Earlier tonight I was able to pop into Hallmark after attending the local Stamp Club meeting (which was GREAT!) and was delighted to see the amount of choices for recipe boxes, recipe box and book sets, easel style recipe books, and their big selection of lined themed recipe index cards.   (Later this week I will be sharing between Hallmark, the Dollar store, and Etsy there are some items that should fit even the most frugal budget and have us still feeling like we have ‘splurged’ with this organization-recipe-rounding-up-festival-exercise-this-week-all-so-we-can-mail-prized-recipes-out!

Our mission today is to continue to FIND the cookbooks, recipes, newspaper clippings, web sites, pinned cards, and email attachments.   See if you have room in the kitchen to claim a shelf or corner counter for displaying and using your cookbooks – for now if you have to put them all into a plastic tub – I’m sure you have one around you can re-purpose!   Don’t forget any HANDWRITTEN notes by you or the person who originated the recipe – especially favored are recipe cards/pages from your Mom, sister, Grandmother, or Aunt with their handwriting in the margins.   Extra bonus points if any letters from the person still around who mailed the recipe card or print out to you that’s in the cookbook!   And do NOT toss the envelope it came in!

If you happen to ALREADY know the actual page of the favorite recipe, it’s okay to put a bookmark in there, or paperclip it, fold the corner, put a sticky note to mention a few options.   We will be looking at office supplies we can round up from around the house tomorrow for part of our storing/filing system.    As you locate your recipes, think about the categories they may fall into meaning you may find that the majority of your recipes are appetizers, or items to bring to a potluck, or desserts!  We are going to want to prioritize and eventually end up with our top five recipes for sharing – and keep it to only five!     Good luck on your quest!   Tomorrow we continue the journey together.

Photo attribution: Source: Duyckinick, Evert A. Portrait Gallery of Eminent Men and Women in Europe and America. New York: Johnson, Wilson & Company, 1873. This painting was made based on the photography Image:Florence Nightingale 1920 reproduction.jpg. This image (or other media file) is in the public domain because its copyright has expired.


Follow-up from last week

In follow-up from last week, today, Tuesday, May 12, is Florence Nightingale’s Birthday.  It concludes National Nurses Week.    Just as I wrote in that post, for our nurses thank you for the blessing you are to your patients and their families and the ministry you share with us.

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