Christmas in July — Wreaths Across America

Today at is the follow-up post from July 5 as promoted.  There will be a few more “Christmas in July” themed blogposts this month, but this one is the lead one to kick off the theme.  

It may seem like making plans for Christmas is a long time from now. However, if you would like to have a wreath placed to honor a veteran in December through the 501-c-3 non-profit, Wreaths Across America (WAA), you can go ahead and make arrangements now, if this is something that would be of interest.

This year will be my first Christmas without my Dad who served in the Korean War.   I have already been on the phone with Mom and making these arrangements keeps him in our Christmas plans.  

It feels nice to know I will have this ‘already taken care of’ and at the same helping the volunteers as they will have at least one more sponsorship in the queue as they do their planning; the logistics sound amazing for them to orchestrate.

The wreaths nor their placement to honor veterans and their loved ones is provided by the government but is provided by WAA volunteers. In addition to the two ways that were listed on the July 5 blog post to sponsor the placement of WAA wreaths ($15 each), there is this third option available until Monday, July 20th. Your donation is equally important to the actual placement of the wreaths and with that you are eligible to be part of the volunteer family and hence, receive this WAA Volunteer TShirt being offered.  (On Twitter @WreathsAcross)

The back of the Wreaths Across America Volunteer TShirt. Image (upper left) shown is of the front. All images shown today with permission of

Because WAA is dependent on contributions for the wreath sponsorships, there are over 1000 volunteer fund raising groups across the country who participate.   This WAA Volunteer TShirt shown today is being offered through one of their designated groups, Family Council at Belvoir Woods (VA0017P) for their fundraising initiative which is underway right now. (On Twitter @WeSupportWAA)

To summarize, there are these three options:

(1) ONLINE, via secure credit card or PayPal payment ($15 each).  That link takes you to my July 5 blog with all the details.

(2) CHECK, payable to: VA0017P – Wreaths Across America ($15 each). That link takes you to my July 5 blog with all the details.

(3) WAA Volunteer TShirt opportunity (available until July 20) that includes wreath ($25), obviously this is self-funding to sustain the initiative.

Thank you to the WAA Volunteers and my friend Ellen (one of My Three Muses) for their dedication and ongoing volunteer efforts!

And Thank you for being with me today.   I know the Project Manager in me is showing as I do advance planning this far in advance – it is nice to take the time now to put this into place in an unhurried manner.  Please know I sincerely hope today’s blog post is helpful for you or someone you know.

Anchors Aweigh,  




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