Sumptuous Stationery Selects Stylish School Supplies

The alliteration in this title was too tempting for today’s blog post to not use it! 

If you are a person who goes into a cold sweat at this time of year when anticipating visiting a big box store to take advantage of their school supplies on sale and stock up then today’s blog post is for you (and me!)  

Today I am encouraging us to get out this weekend and stock up now to take advantage of these sales.  Even the most frugal minded budget can get a lot of splurge for their money.  On my next trip I’m going to see just how much I can get for $5 being very creative with my selections.   Those 70 page college ruled spirals were on sale for 25 cents each and available in hot pink – so I picked up twelve – planning to use one each month in the year ahead – a big splurge for $3 total.

dreamstime_xs_26441924It is amazing to me the number of different pencil cases now being offered and am delighted to have found one in navy with a anchor on it for myself this week.

The sharpie pens are being offered with tons of different groupings in their packaging options.

Which leads to saying we can stock up now with some basic supplies that will tie in very nicely for all of our stationery letter writing needs in the coming 2015/2016 back-to-school calendar year.

At the FedEx Office (On Twitter @FedExOfficelocation this week (I still think Kinko’s) they had a good selection of 8 1/2 x 11 themed paper with matching legal size envelopes – which are great for using the personalized form note (template) that I shared last week.     It is worth noting that this week I received a letter in the snail mail from a email subscriber and friend who took that template and printed it onto a themed paper, marked the applicable check boxes and mailed it to me!

We won’t even go into calendar/day planner options today!

So have fun with it, but seriously, see if there are some papers and pens you could choose for outfitting your own stationery letter writing kit for the house – or your  ‘mobile letter mailing kit’ we talked about on June 26.    Join me tomorrow as we go into the weekend.

Anchors Aweigh,  




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