Saturday morning cartoons (Snuffles, Muttley)

Happy Saturday! Do you remember Saturday morning cartoons as a kid?  Today we are looking at two classic dog cartoon characters – we are looking at Snuffles, and Muttley.



One of my fondest cartoon characters I recall was Snuffles – Hanna-Barbera produced the animated television The Quick Draw McGraw Show beginning in 1959.  This from Wikipedia: “Snuffles is a bloodhound used by Quick Draw to ferret out bad guys in the old West, but needed to be bribed with a dog biscuit before performing his task. Upon chomping on one, he would hug himself in ecstasy, jump into the air and float back down, sighing. Occasionally, Snuffles would demand more than one biscuit, and was willing to accept them from bad guys as well.” (On Twitter @Wikipedia).


This YouTube shows Snuffles and his famous hug routine after receiving the necessary biscuit bribe. 

Muttley & Dick Dastardly Mini Lunchbox Hanna-Barbera Wacky Racers
Attribution: Image of “Muttley & Dick Dastardly Mini Lunchbox Hanna-Barbera Wacky Racers” from ebay,


Muttley had a great laugh and snicker.  In the cartoon series, Wacky Races, I recall there were Saturdays that we would watch these episodes as a family alongside with my Dad who just loved Muttley, and he how he would just shake his head at the poor “Dick Dastardly” character.

Yowp Blog

It was a delight to discover today the YOWP blog focused on early Hanna-Barbera cartoons which includes Snuffles and Muttley!  (On Twitter @YowpYowp).  I love this site!  The blog entries go back to February 2009.

Attribution: Image above of YOWP Home Page Banner

From June 16, 2012 there was this blog post featuring Snuffles: “Quick Draw McGraw — Bow-Wow Bandit“.

There was this blog post about Muttley, from July 20, 2009 The Dog that Snickers in the TV Flickers“.

There are other classic cartoon charters for me to recall but for today these were the two I wanted to share on this Saturday.  Thank you to YOWP blog for their creativity and wonderful site.

How about you?  Do you recall any favorite cartoon classics ?  Are there any worth including in a letter to a friend?  I will be printing off today’s blog post and including in a hand written note to snail mail to Mom recalling how Dad loved Muttley!

Wishing you a Snuffles-happy-hug type of day for you today!


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