Scan Mailboxes (& wrapping up our Theme this week)

Today with it being Friday, we are concluding this week’s theme of looking at mail service options with one final mail service.  We are looking at Scan Mailboxes out of Austin, Texas.

Scan Mailboxes

Scan Mailboxes launched on April 2, 2014, and serves customers globally (On Twitter @scanmailboxes).   Their web site with list of services they offer looks impressive.  On their blog it includes photo from their June 10 Ribbon cutting with the Austin Chamber of Commerce.   In April 2015 Scan Mailboxes Awarded for Both New Local Business and Green Local Business in Austin.

Attribution: Image above, Logo from website.

Services include Permanent Mailbox Service – it has four plans from which to choose: Basic, Standard, Premium, and Ultimate; and the Temporary Mailbox Service with one plan.

Both Permanent and Temporary Mailbox customers receive the Scan Mailbox features – getting an online secure mailbox account with a lot of services they list.

From their Why Us page these items caught my attention: Real Street Address for Permanent Mailbox Service, Manage Online Mail 24, Protect Your Privacy, Maximum Security, and this about their Professional Staff: “We are a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA) authorized by United States Postal Service. Scan Mailboxes is HIPAA, HITECH, Texas HB300, and PCI DSS compliant and insured. We take every precaution to make sure we keep our customers’ mail and documents safe and confidential. We do not share or sell your personal information to anyone, no exceptions.” 

Attribution: Image above from site, “Scan Mailboxes Sponsors “The Long Way Home”

It is worth noting from August 7, 2015 this article: “Scan Mailboxes Sponsors “The Long Way Home” – A Family’s 30,000-Mile Journey With Just One Truck!”  Scan Mailboxes, a leader in online postal mailbox scanning and forwarding services, is a sponsor of “The Long Way Home,” featuring the Lally family as they tour the world – from Washington state through South America, the Savannah grasslands, the Sahara Desert, and beyond – from their trusty truck. (On Twitter @ourlongwayhome).

Recap – Mail Service Options Theme this week

There we have it from this week on (mostly) mail service options we looked at:

Monday Escapees Mail Service

Tuesday New stamp honors the United States Coast Guard

Wednesday Traveling Mailbox

Thursday MyRVmail, and

today (Friday) Scan Mailboxes.  

Thank you for being on the journey along with me this week.   Join me tomorrow for Saturday’s blog post!

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