“Make Beliefs: A Gift For Your Imagination” (book by Bill Zimmerman)

Today we are looking at the perfect place to use those colored pencils from yesterday – within the pages of   “Make Beliefs – A Gift For Your Imagination” by Bill Zimmerman.  

We first introduced three of his books back in April and then revisited one in August.

FTC Disclosure:  This book – “Make Beliefs – A Gift For Your Imagination” by Bill Zimmerman was sent to me from the Author as a gift a few weeks ago. 

Each page in the book has some “prompts” to get you started with and then taking the idea and applying it to you with your vision and interests.  In the “How You Can Use This Book” section – which is at the beginning of the book, there are some suggestions if someone (i.e. parents, grand parents, and/or educators to name a few) want to use the book together and share in those creativity experiences.

(“You can write, draw, and color them”)

You can get started with the book before it even arrives – at his site there are four “Make Beliefs” prompts you can fill in, and then print it so you can write, draw, and color.  billztreasurechest.com_make_belief_prompt1

For example the first prompt states: “MAKE BELIEVE you had wings to fly. Where would you go with your life?” You would fill it in, and then “Click here to print this Make Belief on which you can write, draw, and color.”   When you click it then takes you to a page to print (example below).

billztreasurechest.com_make_belief_draw1From the website:  “All you have to do to think more creatively and to imagine and dream is take a few minutes and let your heart respond to the question prompts below. They will encourage you to view your world differently, to see new possibilities, and make new choices.”

From the back of the book:  “A gift book for your imagination that only you can complete – with pencil, crayon, or paintbrush.  This is a new kind of coloring book – one that helps you see the world differently.  A helpful, special question-answer format encourages you to imagine and let the child within you come out through your written responses or drawings.   For adults and children of all ages, Make Beliefs is a book of hope for the human spirit that shows readers how to take time out from their hectic everyday lives and get back in touch with their dreams.”

You will also find at his site a new free e-book: Make Beliefs To Spark Your Writing – this is a “new free interactive digital book to encourage writing”.

If the topic of using our imagination is sounding familiar,  back in May I had a blog post celebrating the song “Pure Imagination” from the 1971 movie “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.” 

Here’s to having fun with our imagination (and using our colored pencils!)

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e-book : Make Beliefs To Spark Your Writing by Bill Zimmerman #MakeBeliefsComix

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