Paws-ing for Curtain Call

Hanky alert!   Today’s blog post is bittersweet as we anticipate it being our family dog Cuddy’s last blog post here, as he has been a guest each month since launching the site.   Within the last four weeks he has gone from being full of zest to yesterday having lab results back from lymph nodes and liver biopsy that reveal a rare cancer seen in only 1% of dogs.  It is very fast spreading and we have been making him comfortable.

Image shown upper left today of Cuddy is from February 6, 2015 prior to launching this site on February 26, 2015.

This is the pumpkin I watched get carved this afternoon for our front porch

What a different kind of Halloween today has been!

How things have changed since I last blogged here on September 12th.   Less than four weeks ago I started getting sick and since then have made multiple trips to the vet, with the frequency increasing between visits.  This new routine has been different from what I’ve been used to for seven years of annual wellness vet visits and keeping current on all vaccinations.  The last few visits I have heard new words like “ultrasound”, and “biopsy”.

Here then are some things I wanted to share today given I sense time is limited and wanted to extend big eternal hugs around my family and friends.  I know I am well loved!   

Bucket List  – the bunny! 

We started something called a bucket list on Wednesday and what it means to me is I have been enjoying a hamburger the past few days, truly the only thing I have had a interest in trying.  My dog collar has gotten big as I have lost a lot of weight.      How I wish I felt better!    For some reason I see my dog-parents tear up but there has also been a lot of laughter.  As far as a remaining item on my list – there is this – to find the elusive bunny that lives in the shrubs in our front yard.  I know there is a covey of them in the front yard near some shrubs but they seem to be away when we go to say “hi” to them.

Getting up on the bed

This afternoon I was able to take a wonderful nap up on the guest bed with my dog-mom Helen and we watched together an episode of Wishbone.   She did have to help me get up on the bed.  Don’t tell on me but I think they have figured out it was only recently that they discovered I would get up on the guest bed, but since being under the weather I am not able to get up on the bed without help, or to get in and out of the car.

It is important to believe

This week we have been watching “Finding Neverland” and this is a scene we have watched a few times.

Halloween Costumes out of this world

Tonight was our first Halloween where I did not greet all the guests – and we had over 130 children tonight!    I did greet about four sets of door bell rings but we did not have me wear my bumblebee costume.   We did have me try it on partially yesterday.

It is important to sing and dance around with enthusiasm

This is a song I have heard over the years many times and it is fun to dance around with my dog-Mom Helen when it plays – I just haven’t been dancing to it today.  Did you know the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” was released 40 years ago today!

Friendships that stay in our hearts

Today I’m closing with this final scene from the all time classic movie Casablanca.   While I overhear things being said on the telephone with them talking with dear friends there had been talk of prayers for a ‘pardon from the Governor’ as the expression goes but yesterday’s news I heard squashed that hope, nonetheless I think this closing scene is perfect.  Thank you again for all of your love and friendship – friendships which stay strong in our hearts.

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Image shown upper left today of Cuddy is from February 6, 2015 prior to launching this site on February 26, 2015 by Helen Rittersporn





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