Making the most of today

Dear blog reader,

Are blog posts letters?   Today’s blog post is a short letter from me to you and it finds me at a loss as to how to share how sick Cuddy (our nine year old Brittany Spaniel) has been recently. 

And it is to also say thank you for all of the prayers and virtual hugs that have already been extended.

He was going to be the guest blogger earlier in the month but I moved him to this Saturday (and if he is up for it will include him with his Halloween costume!)

In embracing the time we do have with him – today included starting a bucket list for him – and found him enjoying his first McDonald’s drive through where he scarfed down a plain hamburger.   One of my friends has shared how they routinely take their dog “Dude” through for a visit once a week!

In having his first hamburger today,  I am reminded of the movie “Pink Panther Part 2” with Steve Martin and with him being taught English (by the world’s greatest accent coach in the world) to say “I would like to buy a hamburger” – in the YouTube shown here it begins with that scene, and then at 1:44 is the scene of him eating his first hamburger.

We are currently awaiting lab results to get a clearer picture but have been told to brace ourselves for weeks instead of months.

Who knew when I created back in July that my personalized form note (template) letter that included the first item “Around here things have been…” with option c) “the dog has been sick” – that it would be something I would be circling like I did yesterday when sending the letter to my Mom.

None of us have all the time in the world and today is a reminder to make the most of the days we do have now.

Anchors Aweigh,  



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