Today marks the day Oklahoma became the 46th state.

Of course there are stamps: the 50th and the 100th commemorative stamps by the US Postal Service honoring Oklahoma – coming out in 1957 and 2007 respectively.

What we really are looking for though is the stamp that came out in 1993 – it was the first U.S. postage stamp commemorating a Broadway musical: Oklahoma! and coincided with the musical’s 50th Anniversary! 

300px-Oklahoma_1957_Statehood_Stamp OklahomaMusicalStamp

It is okay to sing it along with me:

O.K. L – A – H – O – M – A

Anchors Aweigh,  



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Oklahoma Song Lyrics

YouTube from 1998 Hugh Jackman singing Oklahoma at The Royal National Theatre Production posted by dosborn05


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