Songs of Doo Wop Letters

Today we are enjoying three ‘Doo Wop’ songs all about Letter Writing!

This is one of my blog post topics I have been working on (as mentioned in my blog post #270) and so sharing it today, even though the actual CD I have been trying to attain is best described as ‘elusive’ and I am on sort of a wish list:  the cd is “Doo-Wop Love Letters” and more on it below in this blog post.

Nonetheless I wanted to include three of the songs listed from it here today.  So take a break from the already playing Christmas carols that are playing (you might be inspired to find or make a pink poodle skirt of your own or slick back your hair with your favorite comb) and enjoy!

“Write Me A Letter” by The Blossoms

“Please Write” by The Tokens (yes, the group that sang “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”)

And finally “Writing This Letter” by The Fairlanes

Below are two images – the cover and back of the CD that remains elusive to me to purchase – “Doo-Wop Love Letters” – and if you do a search on it you will end up finding it listed as no longer available, there is one spot at ebay who is ‘on vacation’ and I’ve even waitlisted it at one site.  

Here is the “Doo-Wop Love Letter” CD Song list:  (the three in bold I included above from YouTube)

1. A Letter To an Angel/Five Shillings
2. Why Don’t You Write Me/Tempos
3. These Four Letters/El Pollos
4. Hurt By a Letter/Terry Clinton & Berry Cups
5. Letter From My Darling/Little Tom & Valentinos
CoverDooWopLoveLettersCD6. Pen In Hand/Remainders
7. Nation Wide Stamps/Ben White & Darchaes
8. The Letter/Imperials
9. Letters of Love/Willie Howard & Chordells
10. Why Don’t You Write Me/Barrys
11. The Empty Mailbox/Singing Bells
12. The Note That I Wrote/Johnny Saber
13. My First Love Letter/Joey
14. Telegram/Three of Us Trio
BackOfDooWopLoveLettersCD15. Why Don’t You Write Me/Ivorys
16. This Letter To You/Jimmy Pipkin & Gallahads
17. P.S. I Love You/Starlets
18. Write Me a Love Letter/Capitols
19. A Letter To Carole/Ray & Darchaes
20. The Letter/Larktones
21. Writing This Letter/Fairlanes
22. The Letter Came This Morning/Freddie Scott & Chimes
23. Why Don’t You Write Me/Philharmonics
24. Please Write/Tokens
25. Three Love Letters Ago/Sherwoods
26. Write Me a Letter/Blossoms
27. The Letter of Love/Markels
28. Why Don’t You Write Me/Johnny & Sinceres
29. Christmas Letter/La Fets & Kitty
30. The Letter/Mellodeers

Wishing you a Happy Doo-Wop Saturday on this Thanksgiving weekend!  Are you inspired yet to put pen to paper and write a real letter? Don’t be surprised if you end up pulling out your yearbook today… and who knows maybe send a letter to an old friend.     Join me tomorrow for my Sunday blog post here at

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Images above of cover and back of “Doo-Wop Love Letters CD”  Label: Doo-Wop Records   ASIN: B000X1HLYO blog post: #270 daily blog posts  November 22, 2015 written by Helen Rittersporn



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