One more…

My sentiments today are reflective realizing the month is almost up and tomorrow marks
the 30th of November, the last day in the month.

Here then are a few items for us. 

There is time for:

  • one more day to send off any well meant but late Thanksgiving Day cards (seriously) that did not quite make the mailbox – go ahead and get it POSTMARKED tomorrow.  Trust me on this one – it will still ‘count’ with your family and friends to receive later this week your well wishes.
  • one more day to still enjoy your Autumn decorations and wreath on your front door (it doesn’t matter if the neighborhood has already begun with Christmas).  This afternoon driving around there were some still decorated in full Autumn splendor with their wreath and pumpkins on the front porch and next door they had gotten the jump on decorating for Christmas and had their beautiful Christmas wreath and lights up.  For me I want to enjoy the wreath for one more day!
Tomorrow is Cyber Monday, November 30th, 2015.   As a reminder – don’t forget to take advantage of ordering your Christmas cards and get any customized themed mailing labels.
  • one more day to really plan December and be sure to include your desired Christmas card list this year – and take advantage NOW of ordering your Christmas cards and (maybe) some themed return address labels.  While you are at it mark when you need to get the packages into the mail.
  • one more Monday in the month – and in this case tomorrow is Cyber Monday so perhaps you can leverage it for your Christmas cards!

On this Sunday I am enjoying all of the Autumn decorations in our home and whether you are too or already decked out for Christmas – wishing you a delightful day!

Anchors Aweigh,  


P.S. If you are thinking why not go with “One Day More…” and include the song from Les Miserables — well that is for a future blog post!  Today is just about being reflective with the calendar as we are about to close out November in one more day!




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