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This is it – the week of Thanksgiving and what better way to kick off the week than with this Turkey Mailbox from The Mailbox Ranch LLC!

Today at lunch it has been a delight to talk with them and find out more about their site and this Turkey Mailbox.   

The Turkey Mailbox came out in 2001/2002 and they shared with me when the first one was installed the local turkeys would gather around it!  Thank you so much to Martha for their permission to include these images in today’s blog post!

The Mailbox Ranch (LLC): Handpainted animal mailboxes and gifts

All of their Novelty animal mailboxes are hand made and hand painted by the husband and wife team of Martha and Sonny Carter.   They began in 1995 with their first mailbox which was inspired by their horse.

Their Mailbox Designs are copyrighted.   They have created mailboxes now that are all over the world!

They include Fish Mailboxes, Cat Mailboxes, Dog Breeds Mailboxes & Horse Breeds Mailboxes (both are listed by alpha groupings), Farm Animal Mailboxes, and Wildlife Mailboxes.  Be sure to check out their Related Links page.HorseMailboxRanchImageWithPermission

Given they make “one of a kind originals” I did ask if they had made one yet in the image of a Brittany Spaniel, “not yet but they would love to!” was the reply.  So even though our current mailbox design finds itself in an outdoor pedestal mailbox this is something to have on my list for later consideration!

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Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today —

Image upper left of Turkey Mailbox   All images shown today are with permission from the Mailbox Ranch LLC.  @themailboxranch

American Brittany Rescue web site. @ABrittanyRescue





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