Time is running out on these U.S. stamps

Today while I was out and about a friend needed some stamps and I was happy to have 3/4 of a booklet of the Charlie Brown Christmas stamps on me which solved their need.  

The timing is perfect for today’s blog post which the idea was started from a reminder from my stamp club friend and am sharing it with us today. Please be aware that after the end of this month, December 31 – there are several U.S. stamps that will no longer be sold by the USPS – they are being withdrawn from regular sale and from sale at Philatelic centers.      

Some of these stamps have been around for a while.     There are several I will be wanting to stock up on now before they are gone!

At the USPSStamps.com site they list the stamps currently for sale and note that “most, but not all, stamps are available online.”

From the December 10, 2015 USPS Postal Bulletin #22430 pages 63 & 64 (pages 64 & 64 in the pdf version) – it is entitled: “Stamp Stock Items Withdrawn From Regular Sale and From Sale at Philatelic Centers” and to quote “Effective close-of-business December 31, 2015, all Post Offices™, stations, branches, postal stores, vending outlets, and authorized philatelic centers must (1) withdraw the stamp stock items and products listed below and their related vending and store-prepared stamp items from sale, and (2) prepare them for destruction. “

What really caught my eye are the number of Christmas stamps – so now is a great time to stock up for future Holiday mailings.

The list includes:

1Item Description
115461 Purple Heart First-Day Cover
115500 $1 Waves of Color
116800 21c Abraham Lincoln Memorial Statue Pane
117808 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Press Sheet without Die-cut
470097 Mail a Smile Panel
470333 Emancipation Proclamation Commemorative Panel
470800 (Forever) Althea Gibson PSA Pane of 20
470900 (Forever) West Virginia Statehood PSA Pane of 20
472200 (Forever) Nevada Statehood PSA Pane of 20
472300 (Forever) Celebrity Chefs PSA Pane of 20
472416 Wilt Chamberlain First-Day Covers Set/2
472500 (Forever) Farmers Market PSA Pane of 20
473106 Missing Children Press Sheet with Die-cut
473206 U.S. Coast Guard Press Sheet with Die-cut
473306 Ingrid Bergman Press Sheet with Die-cut
473408 Paul Newman Press Sheet without Die-cut
519910 Where Dreams Blossom Digital Color Postmark Keepsake
541325 2013-2014 Migratory Bird Artist Commemorative Card
576300 Civil War: 1861 (2011)
587408 Medal of Honor: Korean War Press Sheet without Die-cut
588316 Global Holiday: Silver Bells Wreath First-Day Cover
588416 Batman First-Day Cover Set/8
588716 Circus First-Day Cover (Full Sheet)
589006 Elvis Presley Press Sheet with Die-cut
589817 Gifts of Friendship Joint First-Day Cover
589906 World Stamp Show — NY 2016 Press Sheet with Die-cut
680206 A Charlie Brown Christmas Press Sheet with Die-cut
680406 Geometric Snowflakes Press Sheet with Die-cut
688617 Poinsettia First-Day Cover
688710 Virgin and Child by Jan Gossaert Digital Color Postmark Keepsake
688910 Gingerbread Houses Digital Color Postmark Keepsake
689200 (Forever) Hot Rods Booklet of 20
689300 Songbirds Booklet of 20
689616 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer First-Day Covers Set/4
689716 Christmas Magi First-Day Cover
689816 Winter Fun First-Day Covers Set/4
786400 Tiffany Lamp Coil/10,000

Wishing you the fun of adding some great stamps to your collection and perhaps carry a few of them on you as well – you never know when someone may ask you if you might have one or two! In my case they needed all 15!

Anchors Aweigh,


Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today —

Special thank you to my stamp club friend with the Wilmington Philatelic Society

Image above of 1 cent US Tiffany stamp and of the Songbirds stamps @USPS @USPSStamps  USPSStamps.com Currently For Sale

Excerpt from USPS Postal Bulletin #22430 December 10, 2015 article: PDF HTML   “Stamp Stock Items Withdrawn From Regular Sale and From Sale at Philatelic Centers”



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