Homefront Hugs USA Valentines

There is time to participate in Homefront Hugs USA Valentines 2016.    

Homefront Hugs USA Valentines

Today it has been very nice to research during lunch Homefront Hugs USA and see on their site how active they are with sending cards and letters for “Writing our heroes – our wounded warriors & deployed troops”.  Homefront Hugs was founded in 2001 shortly after 9-11.   Thank you to Alessandra Kellermann, President and Founder, Homefront Hugs USA for her time today in getting back with me this evening from introducing myself and being able to confirm best way to help share their mission here with this blog post.

While there are several sites I came across in researching this one gets all gold stars for being kept current and is impressive with clearly giving the specifics on how to participate.

HomefrontHugsUSAThere is time to participate with sending Valentines which are needed to be received by February 8th. 

On their Operation Healing Angel page dated today, January 15, it is full of News and Needs for 2016.

“We love our teachers and classrooms across the country helping make cards for our wounded and sick veterans and cheering up their rooms and homes. The deadline for Valentines Day is 2/8 and be creative! …”

 “AIRPLANE MODE MISSION “how about sitting down for 5 minutes, putting your phone in “Airplane Mode”?… and writing to a wounded or sick serviceman or woman ?”

“Please also write some thank you cards and letters for our medics , chaplains , social workers , doctors and nurses . That is why we are different – we know what heroes they are too !”

In emailing with them today they shared the Writing our Troops page best explains how to send letters and cards to participate.
Here is an excerpt with key points:

“1. Please make them personal with at least 2-3 sentences on each card, drawing or letter as we feel this is critical to feel like REAL support and a real Homefront Hug unless it is from a child .  Morale is key when deployed overseas or healing from a wound or illness.

2. Please write them to a wounded or sick veteran , nurse , doctor , therapist , or medic for Operation Healing Angel of Homefront Hugs and/or for deployed troops AND always put on a corner of each card, letter or banner (or envelope if sealing) WHO the card or letter is for ! 

? ” For a Wounded Hero ”
? ” For a Sick Veteran Hero ”
? ” For a Hero Medic ”
? ” For a Hero Nurse ”
? ” For a Hero Med Tech ”
? ” For a Hero Chaplain ”
? ” For a Hero Social Worker ”
? ” For a Hero Therapist ”
? ” For a Deployed Hero ”

3. Send them all in one big envelope or box to :
Homefront Hugs for Heroes 
1881 West Liberty St
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

4. Additionally you can add your address or email or both on what you send . Just know we make no promises you will hear back . Our wounded and sick vets are going through their own life challenges and our deployed vets are at WAR . But during the last 15 years – many Americans have heard back!

5. Additional items you can ship with your kind notes of hope for the New Year 2016  and Valentines Day ( deadline 2/8) :

? 2016 planners and calendars of all themes and sizes (we need 500 so even one is wonderful !)
? beef jerky
? Burts Bees lip balm and lotion
?Chapstick of all flavors
? Smallest Maglites (Home Depot/Lowes)

6. We would like letters/cards by 1/30 at the latest for the NEW YEAR 2016 ! We will accept late New Year’s messages up to January 30th though because our troops and wounded are so forgiving and happy to be remembered.

FOR Valentines Day – we need them by 2/8 but we love heart shaped cards and wishes all year long …

7. The messages should be of hope ,humor , spirituality (remembering we have many religions in our military) and some interesting things about the writer – ( your pets , your life , your city – or family ) ——> Again make them feel like REAL Homefront Hugs ! 

8. Posters and banners are always welcome. Again add photos if possible and make them as personal as possible.  No last names needed for students and children but at least put first names and ages !

9. Never just sign a card or forget to sign one at all – we will not pack them into care packages ! You would be amazed how many we get like this .

10. You can always adopt your own hero too here at Homefront Hugs USA but that takes a little more commitment . Email Adoptions@HomefrontHugs.org for info…”

There are other theme related web sites I am researching for sending letters and Valentines to our troops and will share in future blog posts.

With the weekend upon us I hope you will consider making the time to participate with Homefront Hugs USA Valentines – I’ve already picked up some sticker sheets of hearts from the dollar store to affix to my notes this weekend.  If you would like to coordinate sending your Valentines in with mine please email me and we can connect – just didn’t want to add extra time to the timeline given they are to be received there by February 8th!

Anchors Aweigh,  


Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today —

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Thank you to Alessandra Kellermann, President and Founder, Homefront Hugs USA

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