Mailing Hula Hoops

Mailing Hula Hoops is today’s blog post for a little Saturday silliness!  Hula-hoops it is today as it was patented on this day in 1963, and was first marketed by Wham-O in 1958.

Have you ever tried to mail a Hula Hoop?  In looking around there is a wonderful How-To article from 2014 that I’m sharing today and it was a delight to read their praise for the US Postal Service being rated highest among those in the know.  Also to learn that a simple pizza box is the recommended route for shipping them in a lot of cases was fun to read!  

Mailing Hula Hoops

Here is an excerpt from’s article:

“We questioned several folks in the industry who do a lot of hoop shipping on what to do and what not to do when mailing a hoop today, and we got some interesting tips and tricks to share with you as well. The process can be a little different depending on the size of your hoop, the type of plastic you’re using, and, of course, where in the world you might be living…

The United States Postal Service was the number one recommendation for shipping in the United States with the experts that we spoke with. Why? USPS not only has the cheapest rates, they will even come pick it up at your doorstep for free if you schedule a pickup the day before. You can create and print shipping labels from their website too and USPS also offers a parcel select shipping option which takes 3-11 days that is even cheaper than using priority mail and covers packages that weigh more than 13 oz. It can cost between $7 and $14 for priority mail shipping in the United States depending on where it is going. Other shipping companies tend to be more expensive and some have more fees specifically for shipping hoops too.”

Thank you for joining me today for Mailing Hula Hoops!  Here’s to a fun filled Saturday!

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Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today — 

Excerpt from Shipping Hula Hoops: How to Mail a Hula Hoop 101, October 23, 2014 by Amanda Townsell and Philo Hagen

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