Pocket Letters

With National Letter Writing Month underway today we are looking at Pocket Letters.  At some point it had to happen merging scrapbook elements with your pen-pal letters.

This is a new spin on writing pen-pals – make that now calling them Pocket Letter Pals (finding a fellow enthusiast to swap your and their Pocket Letters).  This is how I would explain it to my scrapbook friends: Basically one takes a 9 slot baseball trading card plastic three ring page protector and include a range of cool items that goes WITH your letter that is tucked into one of these pockets, and you can then fold into thirds and it fits beautifully into a legal size envelope (size #10) to mail.

Pocket Letters

The idea of Pocket Letters was first created in January 2015 by Janette Lane, and on Janette Lane Blog described “as a new way to send and collect penpal letters.”

Scrolling down the pages of her blog I saw several items that I will go back and look at further including “My Journaling Bible”, “DIY Paint Chip Notebooks/Midori Inserts/Journals”, and “CHA 2016 Recap” and each of these show corresponding YouTube videos on them.

For my scrapbooking friends there are Pocket Letters Makeshops being offered including one in May outside of Waverly, Nebraska.   In January she introduced Pocket Letter Inserts.   On the Pocket Letter page it includes popular posts of “What Are Pocket Letters?”, “Pocket Letter Ideas”, and “Pocket Letters FAQ”.

There is a Pocket Letter Pals network and one can enroll as a Member for Free – “Want to start collecting Pocket Letters with specific themes (holidays, books, TV shows, etc.)?  |  Or maybe you want to find other Pocket Letter Pals in your area?  |  Create and join groups and plan events with other members!”

Thank you for joining me for Pocket Letters today.  I’m off to see if those three ring coupon sleeve pages with pockets from that coupon class I had taken will work too!   Wishing you a creative and fun Tuesday!

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