Fathers Day 2016 remembering going fishing

On this Fathers Day 2016 remembering going fishing is what I’m remembering about my Dad today.

This is my second Father’s Day without Dad and I’m remembering how much he loved to go fishing.  Thinking of this finds me with a very big smile on my face.  I’m remembering several fun trips we enjoyed that ranged from fishing at close-by local lakes in Texas and even the big trip we made to the Florida Keys.

Fathers Day 2016 remembering going fishing

Today though I’m remembering one very cold and wet Christmas Day when I was in High School and Dad!  For Christmas morning that year my Dad was beside himself with joy over his new depth finder.
Remember how I said it was cold? He enthusiastically gave it his best shot to the entire family to invite us to go with him out to tryout it out!

Now remind you it is cold, there has been rain, but this is a new toy!

I took the bait and enthusiastically volunteered!  Seriously, I really wanted to go try it out!

Because it meant …. it would include just Daddy & me time,  there would be stories, there would be peppered into his conversation a few expletives, and there would be laughter!

So there we are both of us bundled up, and we have one thermos of hot chocolate between us, and we’ve already moved the boat a few times, we’ve already knowingly nodded approval of the way the depth finder KNOWS how deep the water is, and then we just get quiet between the two of us, and mind you – NO ONE else is to be seen out there.    After some unremembered duration of time – it could have been 20 minutes, it could have been 45 minutes, – it had been a while – and it is COLD, and misty rain.

And get ready for it…

Dad looks over at me, flashes a million dollar smile at me and hollers, “IT IS COLD! Let’s get out of here and go get some more hot chocolate!”

Two expert fishermen could not have gotten out any faster than we did that Christmas morning.

Dad beamed, I’m smiling, and we slowly get our feet to thaw out in his old Datsun truck as we pull his fishing boat behind us on the boat trailer.   How he found some place open on Christmas Day I still am in awe!  We had the best tasting hot chocolate and thawed out some more.

Later we pull into the drive way, and in coming into the house EVERYONE wants to know “how was it”?

Dad and I give a conspirational look at each other, and he says “It was Great! You’all really missed it!”

Years later when I would be on the phone with Dad he would ask me (like using morse code to tap out a secret message) “Have you gotten to do any fishing lately?”  He would hear this huge smile in my voice and to which I reply with “You missed it – just got back and it was Great!”    And then there would be a happy pause while I know we both had that memory flashed back for us.

Thank you for continuing to be on the blog journey with me and sharing today’s blog post with me – Fathers Day 2016 remembering going fishing.   Dad loved to go fly fishing and how much fun it is to include the 1991 29c Fishing Flies stamps.

In looking at the calendar – July 9, 2016 will be my 500th daily blog post since launching AnchoredScraps.  You can click here to read my first blog post (I mention my Dad being the inspiration for the title of AnchoredScraps!).



The below image from Twitter today from Bass Pro Shops had me smiling.


I’m closing today’s Father’s Day blog post the same way as last year.   Happy Father’s Day Daddy.

Anchors Aweigh,  


Attribution & Thank you to those referenced today

Image shown above upper left  US Postal Service #2545-49 – 1991 29c Fishing flies Mystic Stamp Company – @USPS @USPSStamps 

Image shown above Bass Pro Shops Tweet 9:55 PM – 19 Jun 2016  “If your Dad is the best ever, make it “o-fish-al”! Retweet to win a $100 Bass Pro gift card! #FathersDay”

AnchoredScraps.com blog posts –  Tying up Father’s Day June 21, 2015;  and “There’s Been Talk!” February 26, 2015; both written by Helen Rittersporn



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