“There’s Been Talk!”

“There’s Been Talk!” – If you have ever seen the John Wayne & Maureen O’Hara classic movie, The Quiet Man, you will smile at recalling one of its recurring lines in the movie “there’s been TALK”!   In my family over the years if I said “Well there is TALK of us doing xyz” then the topic being planned had more weight.

During the course of thinking about having a blog I have continued to read Seth Godin and found his latest book a true call to action to not let the “lizard brain” get the best of you but to take your turn.  The book is called What To Do When It’s Your Turn (and it’s always your turn) by Seth Godin.

Naming AnchoredScraps.com  – My Dad passed away unexpectedly last month, after a brief illness.  I was honored to give his eulogy at his Memorial service celebrating 85 fully lived years sharing stories that were treasures to our family.   A few weeks ago I was able to mail out a reprint of our family photo and included a printed note on my stationery with an image of an anchor and said these days I realized not all photos get printed but I have found by having the ones that are important printed it helps us to anchor their memory.    This is what inspired my web name of AnchoredScraps.com; every time I see the name I am reminded its inspiration came from Dad as a tribute to his naval service.

 The 4 W’s – no, I don’t mean taxes!      In determining the scope for my blog, I found advice offered recently at #blogchat to be very helpful.   Each Sunday evening on Twitter there is #blogchat hosted by @MackCollier.

His 4 W‘s he tweeted helped me crystalize my scope.

1 -Why am I blogging?  Anchor our memories – our stories – to make sure we are capturing them and sharing with those important to us.

2 -Who am I blogging for?   Kindred storytellers looking for insights of how to balance the juggle of new technology along with old-style corresponding via hand letter writing to keep connected with our family and friends.

3 -What content do they want?  Helpful tips on imprinting our stories with the people who matter to us, inspiration, and help that nudges us on towards this big picture.

4 -What actions do I want them to take?  Encourage carving out regularly 15 minutes to connect with others via ‘old’ styles of correspondence, such as a handwritten notes, and sending cards to friends and family – to invest in their “Important but not Urgent activities” as described by Stephen Covey.

There you have it, my first blog post on AnchoredScraps.com.   Over time I know both the site and I will continue to grow and evolve – what’s important is that I start blogging now with my own content.

Anchors Aweigh,  




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