Encouraging Letter Writing enclosures

With summer officially here I’m encouraging Letter Writing enclosures in our mail we send out over the next few weeks.

Happy Tuesday!  First of all, I find myself needing to write several letters and have decided now is a GREAT time to go ahead and include a few enclosures with my letters being sent.   Do any items jump out at you immediately that would be fun to receive in the mail?; your answers obviously would be a great starting point for what you could include in the letters you send.

I’m even thinking literally of enclosing some colorful paperclips like the image shown upper left today.  Previous blog posts here have included 3D bulky lumpy dimensional mail.   Last year there were a series of blog posts on including recipe cards in our letters including sending Letters from the kitchen.

From my AnchoredScraps.com – March 23,rd blog post – 3D bulky lumpy dimensional mail

In addition, I’ve been thinking of items that are fun to include and know a trip to the dollar store will be fun and inexpensive!  Think “Goodie-Bag” kind of things!

And while we are at it, another (formal) example of enclosures would be if we were typing a letter then at the bottom of the letter we would notate it with Encl.:      It seems like yesterday I was in typing class learning this nomenclature, and probably you are recalling this class too.   In addition there is this helpful Q&A page showing examples of enclosures for a formal letter.

From my AnchoredScraps.com – May 11, 2015 blog post – Letters from the kitchen

In the next few days I will be sure to take some photos of some of the items I find for using for enclosures. So stay tuned!

Join me tomorrow for my Wednesday blog post.

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Encouraging Letter Writing enclosures Attribution &
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AnchoredScraps.com blog post 3D bulky lumpy dimensional mail   March 23, 2016;  Letters from the kitchen  May 11, 2015 – both written by Helen Rittersporn



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