Jerry Orbach Remembering Love Letters book

It is a delight on this Sunday to share Jerry Orbach Remembering Love Letters book.  It is entitled: Remember How I Love You: Love Letters from an Extraordinary Marriage.  

The movie Dirty Dancing opened on this day in 1987.

Remember How I Love You: Love Letters from an Extraordinary Marriage

This book caught my eye several months ago.   The book came out in 2009.

“Every morning for the thirteen years he was on Law & Order, Jerry Orbach wrote his wife a short love poem and placed it next to her coffee cup before he left for work.

Over the years Jerry wrote hundreds of notes — all of which Elaine cherished and preserved. Now dozens of Jerry’s most meaningful poems to Elaine, along with stories from his amazing career and their enduring romance, tell the tale of their life together. With essays from some of Jerry’s dearest friends and a foreword by Sam Waterston, Elaine created a collection of funny and moving poetry and a tribute to a wonderful marriage and a dearly loved man.

The world remembers Jerry as a legendary Broadway actor, Baby’s father in Dirty Dancing, and of course the wisecracking detective Lenny Briscoe on Law & Order. But to his widow, Elaine, Jerry was a poet…and the love of her life.”     – From Goodreads


Jerry Orbach played El Gallo in the Original Off-Broadway production of The Fantasticks on May 3, 1960.  He was the first to sing “Try to Remember”.    

If you ever get a chance to see the production see it!

Here is a link to Jerry Orbach singing in Beauty and the Beast at the Oscars “Be Our Guest”.

I’ve included a link to the final scene with Dirty Dancing – Time of my Life (Final Dance).  

This Reenacting Dirty Dancing Scene I’ve included.

Thank you for joining me today for Jerry Orbach Remembering Love Letters book.  I’m looking forward to reading Remembering How I Love You: Love Letters from an Extraordinary Marriage”. 

I’m expecting the book to arrive in the mail this next week!  Here’s to encouraging us to write more letters!
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This Day In History August 21 1987 Dirty Dancing opens

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Link YouTube Beauty and the Beast – 1992 Oscars – BELLE and BE OUR GUEST posted by Info info uploaded on Feb 10, 2011

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 YouTube Reenacting Dirty Dancing scene with Jerry Orbach posted by lalarikyu’s channel Uploaded on May 25, 2009 from August 1997



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