Pipsticks Amazing Printable Postcards

On this Saturday morning we are enjoying Pipsticks Amazing Printable Postcards available for free downloading.  I’ve included two YouTube videos of a subscriber unboxing the Kids Pack, and Pro Pack for August which is fun!  “Pipsticks sends monthly sticker packs to its subscribers around the world.”

As part of each sticker pack there is a “blank postcard to decorate in each sticker pack” which makes it a lot of fun!

For the frugal among us it is so nice of the Pipsticks website to share these postcards to download for free.

The first Pipsticks postcard to download is the Amazing postcard shown upper left:  Download the Pipsticks FREE PRINTABLE POSTCARD here!

And from July 7 Pipsticks blogpost there is this postcard too for downloading:  Another FREE PRINTABLE postcard

There are several YouTubes of subscribers unboxing their monthly pack.

Pipsticks Unpackaging! Kids Pack | August 2016  <–This includes showing the “You are Amazing” postcard. 

Here is the Pipsticks Pro Pack for August 2016.  What I enjoy is the video records her unboxing everything live so we get to see it real time with the person recording the video.

Anchors Aweigh,  

Pipsticks Amazing Printable Postcards Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced

Thanks to Maureen, Head Honcho over at Pipsticks for sharing these postcards on her site.

Image above upper left Pipsticks.com AMAZING PRINTABLE POSTCARD! August 2, 2016

Excerpt @mypipsticks

Pipsticks.com blogpost –  FREE PRINTABLE POSTCARDS July 7, 2016

YouTube Pipsticks Unpackaging! Kids Pack | August 2016 posted by Robyn McCavery Published on Aug 8, 2016

YouTube Pro Pack for August 2016 posted by Robyn McCavery Published on August 15, 2016



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