Singer Sewing Machine Letters

We are wrapping up the work week on this Friday morning with Singer Sewing Machine Letters and more.

We are celebrating the Singer Sewing Machines Patent No. 8294.  It was  introduced on August 12, 1851.

There are three quick items today in this shorter blog post format as we cover three Singer related items – Singer Sewing Machine Letters and more!

First of all, there is a BBC News Story from last year about a Soldier’s love letter found in Norwich sewing machine with The author of a 69-year-old love letter is being sought after it was found in a secret compartment of a sewing machine.  

Secondly, there is a group that can help you purchase a letter from Singer.  This link will take you to see a letter to the Singer Sewing Machine Letters Office of The Singer Manufacturing Company Letter 1868.

Lastly, there is this VINTAGE SEWING MACHINE AND SHADOW GREETING CARDS over at Cafe Press is available in three sizes.  “Choose from three size options: Note Card (4″ x 5.6″), Greeting Card (5″ x 7″), or X-Large Greeting Card (7.8″ x 11″)”.  It is designed by Susan Savad.  There are also other related themed designs of Note cards, Postcards, Invitations, Calendars, and Journals & Spiral Notebooks.

One of my first blog posts here was Sew Much to Know and shows my sewing machine.   My scrapbook still holds the newspaper clipping with me in group photo from local Singer Sewing Machine summer sewing class.  I placed third place and am beaming with the accomplishment of completing my first sewing project.   Here’s to making time to fit in some time to re-visit our sewing machines – or at least write about them in a letter this weekend.

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Singer Sewing Machine Letters Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today —

Wikipedia Singer Corporation

Image shown upper left by Birmingham Museums Trust (Birmingham Museums Trust) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.  Uploaded July 19, 2005.    “Two oval shaped cast iron legs painted black with a cross section connecting them. Each of the ovals are shaped in the letters ‘The Singer Mfg Co ny. Trade Mark’ and in the shape of a shuttle and thread. On one leg there is a cast iron wheel that is connected to a rectangular tread section at the base. On top there is a rectangular brown wooden section with narrow drawers at either side. There is a steel sewing machine in the centre. It is painted black and has a gold swirl design. It is marked in gold ‘The Singer Manufacturing Co’.” “There is a rectangular brown wooden box to cover the machine, and this has a key hole.”

Image above from  Office of The Singer Manufacturing Company Letter 1868

Excerpt BBC News Soldier’s love letter found in Norwich sewing machine

Image above Cafe Press VINTAGE SEWING MACHINE AND SHADOW GREETING CARDS Sew Much to Know March 02, 2015 written by Helen Rittersporn



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