ENVELOPES book by Harriet Russell

Today is a real treat getting to share ENVELOPES book by Harriet Russell.  
The book arrived a few weeks ago and you will want to get one too! Written in 2005 it follows the Author uniquely decorated addressing envelopes to herself in 1998 while living in Glasgow.   In the Preface she shares of the 130 envelopes she sent, 120 arrived and 75 of them appear in the book.

dreamstime_xs_43162739ENVELOPES – A Puzzling Journey Through the Royal Mail

The hardcover square book measures 8 1/4″ x 8 1/4.  It is a lot of fun going through the collection of envelopes Harriet Russell designed.

The title in this case really does convey what it is – the envelopes were uniquely decorated and seeing a cross-word puzzle that she sent blank – to have it returned filled out in ink from the postal carrier is fun to see!

All of these uniquely decorated envelopes were sent through the Royal Mail System in the United Kingdom.  The Note at the beginning of the book by the Royal Mail System talks about the extra-mile, extra effort the Royal Mail’s postmen and women went beyond the call of duty.   The importance of when all else fails include the postal code was noted through the course of the book.

I’m including this short YouTube on “How the UK Postal Service Royal Mail Operates”

Given my digital camera battery is needing a recharge, I’m going ahead and posting this morning this blog post without any images of these envelopes.  Plans are to circle back and add two images of envelopes from the book later and will put in a P.S. after my sign-off.  Even while still working full-time and juggling writing this daily blog post I’m striving to post around the same time each morning.      As we wrap up today’s blog post have fun considering creative options of addressing future envelopes!  
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ENVELOPES book by Harriet Russell Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing today

Envelopes: A Puzzling Journey Through the Royal Mail Hardcover – November 1, 2005  by Harriet Russell

YouTube “How the UK Postal Service Royal Mail Operates” posted by commonlaw007 Published on January 11, 2013



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