Fall 2016 Letter Writing Days

On this very rainy Thursday, the time is now to begin what I’m calling Fall 2016 Letter Writing Days.

Today is my 575th daily consecutive blog post since launching AnchoredScraps.com!  The countdown is on to #600!

dreamstime_xs_33372374There are 9 weeks (62 days) until Thanksgiving 2016.  It is a wonderful time to make the time now to regularly write letters of thanks to family and friends.

Think about writing 9 letters – one a week to make time to write each week – between now & Thanksgiving!

When letter writing these days I’m mindful of the difference our words of encouragement are for the letter reader and letter writer.   Know that you do make a big difference in taking the time to send snail mail out.    I’m especially grateful for the journey my blog has unfolded and the new friends realized and old friendships deepened.   I’m going to put my thoughts that follow in italics for emphasis:  Finding kindred spirits who welcome upon receiving your letter, then take a few minutes, get their cup of hot tea along with their letter opener and find their favorite reading nook, enjoy the process of opening the letter, and enjoy reading it is a joy!     To know they are going to write you back (truly!) is a lot of fun.  In this world of immediate communication available, it is still the tangible evidence of pen on paper getting to open again and re-read that are treasures of a friends time.  <-End of my italics for emphasis!

This week I’ve put away the summer beach themed wreath on our front door and the pumpkin harvest themed one is now greeting the UPS delivery person and neighbors dropping by to share their new school year fundraising opportunity to help support.

Thank you for continuing to be on this journey with me!  My Three Muses continue to be amazed that I blog daily while working full-time.  Here’s to taking action to have fun participating in Fall 2016 Letter Writing Days.

Anchors Aweigh,   


P.S. The above pumpkin in basket photo I love so much I’m repeating it from last year’s blog post I wrote, Welcome Autumn!  September 23, 2015.   



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