Personal Handwritten Letter Subscriptions

Today we are looking at Personal Handwritten Letter Subscriptions offerings over at ETSY.

Imagine a subscription offering a Year of Handwritten Letters for 12 months – knowing you are going to be receiving future regular snail mail greetings!

These services offer a special, unique gift for someone special or to give to yourself.   

There are several Personal Handwritten Letter Subscriptions listings at Etsy; today we are looking at two of them.

Edelweiss Post – one of my orders of stamps received

Edelweiss Post

We first learned of Edelweiss Post here a year ago April.  In my several orders of stamps I’ve received from Patrick, the packaging is fantastic!   A Year of Letters: 12 monthly Personalized Handwritten and Stamped Letters from Me to You or Someone you Love.”  It has 988 reviews and favorited by 95 people.

These Personal Handwritten Letter Subscriptions serves a niche group.   At his Etsy shop Patrick lists among the reasons someone may find engaging one of the Personal Handwritten Letter Subscriptions could be having elderly family members to have them look forward to mail on a regular basis, someone who delights in receiving beautifully decorated mail, and/or someone going through a painful time and this provides a happy uplifting diversion.

thepostmarkayearoflettersThe Postmark

There are multiple offerings at The Postmark.   First, there is A Year of Mail.  Secondly, there is Lovely Letters, “a month of mail with four handwritten letters.”  While I have not personally ordered anything from Katie yet, this item in her Etsy shop has 37 reviews posted and favorited by 160 people.

In conclusion, we have learned about an option that may be new to you – these Personal Handwritten Letter Subscriptions.  One of the benefits of receiving this mail regularly could be just the kick-start to get a person back to letter writing.

The next time you may think your simple handwritten letter on three ring notebook paper looks simple please remember today’s blog post – people want our letters.  Your letters do make a difference!

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Personal Handwritten Letter Subscriptions Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing today

Images above Etsy Edelweiss Post

Image above Etsy ThePostmark

Images abo e from Complement Thursday with Edelweiss Post April 16, 2015; Inspired from the Beach June 12, 2015.  All written by Helen Rittersporn.



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