Baseball Stadium Postcard Albums

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Baseball Stadium Postcard Albums
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With Game 1 of the World Series 2016 beginning tonight our blog post today is looking at The Baseball Stadium Postcard Albums books and the Stadium Postcards website.

As I mentioned in my blog post on Sunday, this is a fast-paced week!  

From Wrigley Field (CC-113)

Baseball Stadium Postcard Albums

The Baseball Stadium Postcard Albums were published in 1990.

There is one for American League Ballparks and one for National League Ballparks.
They were both written by Michael Gershman.

From Progressive Field (Wincraft 2011 Cleveland)

Stadium Postcards Website

It was started as a hobby with a focus on stadium postcards starting in 1985 by Scott Ward.
The Stadium Postcards site – who since beginning his postcard collection has grown from a few to over 10,000 stored in a custom system.  This is over close to 30 years.

I’m already seeing some postcards I’ve got to look at ordering.

At the site, it also covers Basketball, Hockey, Football, Soccer, and more.  Have fun exploring the site!

Go Cubs Go!

Anchors Aweigh,   


Baseball Stadium Postcard Albums Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today — 

Image above upper left – The Baseball Stadium Postcard Album: 31 Postcards of National League Ballparks Edition; and The Baseball Stadium Postcard Album: 31 Postcards of American League Ballparks; both by Michael Gershman Published 1990.

Images above from Stadium Postcards Website of (CC-113) and (Wincraft 2011 Cleveland).