1939 Baseball Centennial stamp

With tonight being Game 2 of  the World Series 2016, the 1939 Baseball Centennial stamp kicks off our baseball-themed blog post.  In addition, to follow-up from yesterday’s blog post, I’m including the 2001 US Postal Service Baseball’s Legendary Playing Fields stamps.  And then, I’m concluding with a fantastic 2013 article from American Philatelist entitled “Generations: Baseball on U.S. Postage Stamps”.

1939 Baseball Centennial stamp

The image above upper left is the 1939 Baseball Centennial stamp, 3¢ USPS Stamp commemorating “the 100-year anniversary of the beginning of baseball.” 

“The baseball stamp was issued in conjunction with the opening of the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, also in Cooperstown. The first five players elected to the Hall of Fame were Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson, and Walter Johnson. They were elected in 1936, three years before the Hall itself opened. By the time of the opening, 21 other players, managers, and executives had been elected.”

2001 US Postal Service Baseball’s Legendary Playing Fields – sheet of 20 stamps

2001 US Postal Service Baseball’s Legendary Playing Fields stamp

Image shown is “A sheet of twenty self-adhesive United States stamps that depict ten different vintage color postcards, each of a different legendary baseball stadium. The sheet header is an image of an eleventh legendary ballpark, Sportsman’s Park in St. Louis. ” To read more about it, click here.

Generations: Baseball on U.S. Postage Stamps

The thirteen-page pdf includes a page list of Baseball Players on U.S. Postage Stamps with Name, Scott No. (Year), Principal Team, Position, and Years Active.   The first page includes showcasing the 1939 Baseball Centennial stamp, the first baseball stamp.  The same one we are looking at today!  It is a great article that I’m going to be printing off and enjoying this week with the World Series 2016 underway.

In conclusion, it really has been a week of reflection noting the previous generation in our family that adored the Cubs instilling a family tradition and team favorite now spanning at least three generations! This is where I refrain from going into exposing my heart’s happiness and sadness further in sharing this reflection; suffice it to say we are missing our family member who loved the Cubs and yet we know they are cheering from above the games this week!  Perhaps this is the case in your home too?

I’ve got a very special recipient in mind that I am printing off today’s blog post and sending in snail mail. Go Cubs Go!

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 1939 Baseball Centennial stamp Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today

Image above and excerpt Mystic Stamp Company 1939 3c Baseball Centennial

Image above 2001 US Postal Service Baseball’s Legendary Playing Fields stamp

American Philatelist October 2013 Generations: Baseball on U.S. Postage Stamps by Robert A. Moss

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